Behind-the-Wheel Lessons

Excellent Drivers Academy is a Louisiana state-approved driving school that offers behind-the-wheel lessons in the Lafayette and Krotz Springs area.

  • Hourly Behind-the-Wheel Lessons

    Some students require more than eight hours of behind-the-wheel lessons. We offer additional training in 1-hour time slots. This extra time is great for working on a specific maneuver or just gaining more experience driving.

  • Additional 8-Hr Behind-the -Wheel Package

    Did you take the classroom portion of your driver education at another school? Sign up for this package if you are looking to only complete the behind-the-wheel state requirement at our driving school. We will drive approximately 200 miles combining rural, city, highway, and interstate driving.

    You must provide a copy of the Certificate of Completion from the driving school where you completed the driver ed classroom and passed the written test with a minumum score of 80%.

    You must have your TIP/permit/license in your possession to drive. LAWallet is acceptable.

  • Additional 8 Hr Behind-the-Wheel (EDA Student)

    Should you wish to work more on their driving skills, we offer an 8-hour package discounted by $50. We will tailor the lessons to focus on the areas where you need the most practice. The aim is to build your confidence by reviewing the skills already taught and help you prepare to take the road skills test.