Adult Driver Ed Courses

Take our adult driver ed course at our Lafayette driving school. Louisiana law requires that anyone 18 years old or older and has never had a driver's license take a 14-Hour Pre-Licensing Course.

  • 6 Hr Classroom + 8 Hr Behind-the-Wheel + Road Skills Test

    The classroom portion consists of 6 full hours of reviewing the LA DMV manual and administering the DMV test. A score of 80% is required to pass the class. Should a student not pass the written test the first time, a second will be given at no charge. Additional tests will cost $50.

    The behind-the-wheel portion consists of 8 full hours of driving. You will drive approximately 200 miles, including rural, city, interstate, and highway miles. The price includes a 50% discount off the regular 8-hour driving package. You must have your TIP/permit/license in your possession to drive. LAWallet is acceptable.

    If the instructor feels that after the 8 hours of driving are completed you are ready to take the road skills test, he/she will administer the test directly after the 8 hours are completed. If not, you will be instructed to obtain their permit, practice more, then call to schedule the road skills test. A failed road test can be retaken after 24 hours of the first test. Additional tests are $40.

    We accept cash, check, or credit card. Credit card payments include a 2.5% convenience fee. Students are charged a one-time administrative fee of $6.25 at the time of registration. Payment plans are available.