Teen Drivers Ed Courses

Take our comprehensive teen driver education course at our Louisiana driving school in Lafayette. Gain confidence behind-the-wheel and learn the rules of the road with our Louisiana state-approved driver ed program.

You must be at least 14 years and 9 months old to take this class and cannot start behind-the-wheel driving lessons until you are 15 years old.

  • 30 Hr Classroom + 8 Hr Behind-the-Wheel

    To attend, you must be no younger than 90 days prior to your 15 birthday, no older than 17 years, and be in at least 8th grade. You may not do the driving portion until you are at least 15.

    The classroom portion consists of 30 hours of study (4-7 1/2 hour days). Each day follows Title 55 as established by the State of LA. Quizzes are given after each chapter and the DMV final at the end of the review. We do a hands-on section with changing a tire, using a pressure gauge, description of car parts, etc. We also include a discussion of impaired driving along with doing field sobriety tests with students wearing "drunk glasses." You need a class average of 80% and at least 80% on the final to successfully pass the classroom portion.

    The behind-the-wheel portion consists of 8 full hours of driving. You will drive approximately 200 miles, including rural, city, interstate, and highway miles. The price includes a 50% discount off the regular 8-hour driving package.

    You must have your TIP/permit/license in your possession to drive. LAWallet is acceptable.

    We accept cash, check, or credit card. Credit card payments include a 2.5% convenience fee. Students are charged a one-time administrative fee of $6.25 at the time of registration. Payment plans are available.